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Zum Betrieb dieser Website


Main goal is to enable each group (chorus, club running our community watering hole, local branch of the municipal council etc.) to edit their content with a modern content management system.

Each group has their own category and role. Group role memberships can be managed by the role members themselves without an administrator action. Additionally all residents can edit the general category 'Allgemeines'.

Content is held by the modules Articles and Julian and structured solely with the Categories module. Only group members are allowed to attach content to their groups category. To prevent them from getting an user exception error after submitting to a false category they see only the categories they are allowed to post to in the selector on input pages.

Apart from the above mentioned changes the site runs with almost actual code from Xarayas current 1.1.x development tree.

Page design process is not at its end.

Stand: 24.01.2016
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